My Hall of Fame 🏆

I have worked on many products over the years and shipped countless features. When somebody asks me which ones have stuck in my head, these are the ones that come first to my mind.

  • Chance

    The most advanced coaching platform in the world for helping people find a job that they will make them thrive in life.

    - Bootstrapped and scaled the auto coaching platform & back offices.
    - Led first the frontend and then the tech team.

  • Protofire

    Agency that helps decentralized protocols and developer platforms to accelerate the growth of their ecosystems.

    - Worked with different clients bootstrapping and scaling their blockchain web products.
    - Led multiple tech teams.

  • Bite Vein Studios

    Blockchain video game studio that aims to create the new generation of games that will be played on-chain.

    - Co-Founded the company and led the blockchain & web tech team.
    - Shipped our first game "Zomon: The Path of Heroes".

  • Excalidraw

    Virtual collaborative whiteboard tool that lets you easily sketch diagrams that have a hand-drawn feel to them.

    - Pushed the product forward as part of the initial 10 collaborators.
    - Implemented core features such as history and zooming.

  • Victory Road VGC

    The biggest Pokémon Video Game Championship community in the world and a reference in Spain for everything about e-sports.

    - Helped co-founders on the technical and product side of the company.
    - Shipped multiple web apps and tools for the community.

  • Certainly

    The e-commerce chatbot that understands your shoppers & enhances their buying experience, all while improving conversion rates & reducing returns.

    - Built and co-designed core business features.
    - Initiated the creation of the design system.