Technical Leadership for Young Teams 🚀

Fostering a culture of technical excellence. Setup your team for success.

It is not enough for a team to have skilled individuals. In order for technical teams to excel, there are many factors that need to align. The day-to-day friction needs to be as close to zero as possible.

Architectures, libraries choices, PR reviews, branching strategy, CI pipelines, deployments, release management, automated tests, hotfixes, feature flags, rollbacks, ticket management, design handovers, business goals changes, documentation.

All these topics are part of what we call “meta-development” and they are usually decided as after-thoughts because they don't directly provide value to the end users. However, they are the elements that introduce friction on a daily basis, making your team slower and ultimately losing their motivation to ship.

Young teams usually start experiencing the effect of these decisions after shipping the MVP or when they start hiring more engineers to accelerate growth. What was once sacrificed for the sake of speed now creates all kinds of symptoms. Slow onboarding times, regressions, user complaints, decreased performance, lower energy levels, lack of visibility about production issues, single points of failure in the team, architectures not being respected, and many more.

This is why I have founded, the perfect copilot for your quest towards an excellent technical team. Let's build together.